Ugly Head (醜頭, Shūzu) is the ninety-second chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Seidou Takizawa pulls the knife out of his eye, cursing, as Mutsuki approaches stating that he will back up Akira Mado. Mutsuki asks if reinforcements are arriving, to which Akira answers that Suzuya Squad and the Quinx Squad are on their way. Mutsuki releases his kagune as she confronts Takizawa, accidently cutting Akira's cheek.

In Akihiro Kanou's lab, Kanou commands Okahira to attack Kurona Yasuhisa. Okahira immediately dashes at full speed and jumps on her kagune, but Kurona counters by cutting one of the pipes, releasing a blistering steam which injures Okahira. Kurona mentions that there was once a tragic accident in which the pipes malfunctioned and incinerated various researchers, boldly saying that this will happen again. Kanou releases another batch of Quinx while insisting on asking them what they think.

Somewhere else on Rushima, Naki sits in front of Miza Kusakari, guarding her. Miza wakes up and looks outside to see countless CCG investigators slaughtered. She looks back at Naki, waiting for a response, but he falls over, unresponsive. She cries and mourns over Naki's seemingly unconscious body as a tall slender figure approaches them.

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