Am (Am, Ē Emu) is the ninety-fifth chapter of the manga Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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Seidou Takizawa watches in disbelief as Akira Mado has been stabbed by Tooru Mutsuki's kagune. Then, a flashback is shown of when Akira and Seidou were still in the Academy and their third-year finals scores were posted. A fellow classmate attempted to praise Akira on her achievement of being ranked first, only to be retorted about his time management. Upon noticing a sulky Seidou looking at the scores, he sent her an angry look and a congratulations.

Mutsuki questions Akira's actions, reminding her of the crime of aiding a ghoul, which Akira states she is well aware of. Akira then proceeds to stand up and is pierced once again by Mutsuki's kagune numerous times. As she falls to the ground, Akira speaks about her regrets to Seidou and begins crying, much to his surprise. Before Mutsuki lands his final attack on Akira, an enraged Koutarou Amon intervenes and proceeds to smack Mutsuki in the face with his staff and the two engage in a brief battle. After Amon takes a large bite out of Mutsuki's flesh he is unexpectedly bitten and grabbed by Kuki Urie's Ginkui. Upon the arrival of the Quinx Squad, Urie signals the order to exterminate "Floppy."

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  • The title Am references the chapter number: It is the symbol of the 95th chemical element Americium.

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