Cross Game: union (クロスゲーム union, Kurosugēmu union) is the third episode of the second season of the anime Tokyo Ghoul:re.

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During the Rushima Landing Operation, Torso strangles Mutsuki and takes him captive into a cave. The Quinx squad loses contact with him and the squad he was with and decide to advance further to search for him. In a ruined structure, Miza Kusakari is attacked by Hanbee Abara who severely injures her. As he takes his time to breathe, he is suddenly attacked by Kurona Yasuhisa who seeks revenge on Juuzou for severely wounding her sister, Nashiro. As she incapacitates and is about to kill him, Juuzou appears and saves him as he proceeds to battle Kurona. Inside a nearby building, Akira, Houji and a CCG squad face Tatara. Tatara, who lost his brother to Houji, fights them in his kakuja form. Kurona reveals to Juuzou that she keeps Nashiro inside of her as a parasitic humanoid face in her abdomen to save her from dying. She believes that Dr. Kanou, who turned them into ghouls, will save her life later down the line. Juuzou tells to her that Nashiro is already dead, which greatly angers her as she grows her own kakuja. Juuzou eventually defeats her and slices her arms off as she narrowly escapes.

Inside a nearby building, Akira, Houji and a CCG squad face Tatara. Tatara, who lost his brother to Houji, fights them in his kakuja form. Tatara is betrayed and killed by Takizawa, who wanted revenge on him for mutilating and capturing him during the Anteiku raid. The former investigator turns to the bewildered squad expecting praise and welcoming from them. However, Houji solemnly orders that he be taken down as well. An enraged Takizawa kills Houji and the group. As he prepares to kill Akira, Amon suddenly appears and saves her, revealing he was also captured and turned into a ghoul by Kanou, but was considered a "failed" experiment to him. Amon claims he has come there to save Takizawa. He responds that he is beyond saving now and the two clash. Takizawa ends up defeating Amon and asks him what he expects of him. The Quinx squad shows up to the fray and prepare to exterminate him.

An injured Kurona finds Kanou in his lab and asks him to save Nashiro. Kanou mocks her belief that she's alive, citing that the sounds she hears from "Nashiro" are merely gases and explains to her that she was already dead after the fusion. Kurona decides to kill him as revenge, however he unleashes his Quinx clone experiments to defend himself. Kurona manages to hold her own against them and rebukes Kanou for being a mad scientist. Kanou simply laughs this off and prepares to mock her before suddenly being captured by Nishiki Nishio, who had arrived in the lab.

In the ruins, Koori Ui encounters Miza weeping over Naki's bloodied body, who she believes is dead. She believes that this is her last stand, and so fights back against him. Naki gets up and shields her as the rest of the White Suits arrive as well. They all do battle against Ui and his squad but are soon surrounded. From atop the structure, Tsukiyama arrives and offers his assistance.

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  • This episode adapts the following chapters:
  • Title pun: Reunion.
  • Anime/Manga differences:
    • Shikorae didn't bite off Hachikawa's nose before he kills him.
    • In Hachikawa's final moments before being killed by Shikorae, he plunges Ayumu alone into the ocean instead of both Mutsuki and Ayumu plunging into the ocean together after Hachikawa's death.
    • Mutsuki gets kidnapped by Torso during the Rushima Landing Operation.
      • Mutsuki wakes up with his limbs intact instead of severed.
    • When Takizawa ambushes and attacks Tatara, Yumitsu Tomoe was not present.
    • In Takizawa's flashback after turning into an Artificial One-eyed ghoul, Takizawa's regrown arm is toned down.
    • A flashback of Kurona devouring her deceased sister is cut.
    • Takizawa does not behead Houji. Instead, he impales him.
    • Okahira and the other test subjects wear speedo's instead of being nude.

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