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Rikai Souzu
Rikai Souzu profile
Name Rikai Souzu
Japanese Name 僧頭 理界(そうず りかい)
Romaji Sōzu Rikai
Species Half-human
Status Alive
Age 16[1]
Height 164 cm[1]
Weight 59 kg[1]
Blood Type AB[1]
Affiliations Washuu Clan
Sunlit Garden
Arima Squad
:re - Associates (Formerly)
S3 Squad (Defected)
CCG (Defected)
Occupation Ghoul Investigator (Formerly)
Relatives Washuu Clan (Branch Family)
Ward 1st Ward (Formerly)
24th Ward (Currently)
Manga Debut :re Chapter 85
Image Gallery

Rikai Souzu (僧頭 理界, Sōzu Rikai) is a former ghoul investigator and alumni of the Sunlit Garden. They served as a member of Kishou Arima's personal squad until their defection at Cochlea. They now serve as one of Ken Kaneki's bodyguards.


Rikai is a serious-looking youth frequently dressed in the white coat worn by all members of their squad. They have pale lavender hair, cut into a chin-length bob with straight bangs.


Rikai is a serious and withdrawn person, rarely speaking to others. They prefer to stick close to people they know, and let others do the talking.



Rikai was raised in the Sunlit Garden where they were trained to be an exceptional ghoul investigator.

Third Cochlea Raid

Rikai and the rest of Squad 0 was tasked to protect Cochlea and later encountered Ken Kaneki along with Arima's corpse. After Take Hirako approached Kaneki, Rikai asked Hirako if they may say their goodbyes to their former squad leader. Hirako immediately approved and Squad 0 proceeded to gather around Arima to mourn his death.[2]

Post-Third Cochlea Raid

Clown Siege

Post-Clown Siege


Ken Kaneki

Rikai and the rest of their squad respect and look up to Kaneki as Arima's successor. They call him by his name as an investigator. Kaneki acts very kind and fatherly towards Rikai and their squad, even cooking food for them like he once did for his former "kids" in the Quinx Squad.

Kishou Arima

Hirako says that Arima was hope itself to the children of the garden. Rikai had profound respect and admiration for Kishou, as the idol of all young half breed illegitimate children of the Washuu raised in the Sunlit Garden.

Take Hirako

Yusa Arima

Shio Ihei

Powers and Abilities

Half-Human Physiology: A half-human hybrid, Rikai possesses enhanced physical abilities that allow them to be a highly-efficient fighter.

Swordsmanship: Rikai is a skilled quinque-user, with a specialty in heavy weapons such as clubs or lances.


  • Rikai is the only member of the Souzu family, one of the branch families of the Washuu Clan.[1]


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