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Name Unknown
Species Ghoul
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Relatives Rio (Younger brother)
Rc Type Rinkaku
Game Debut Tokyo Ghoul: Jail
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Rio's brother is a minor character appearing in the game, Tokyo Ghoul: Jail.

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Little is known of his personality, other than the fact he was devoted to caring for and protecting his younger brother. Rio is reminded of his brother after meeting Ken Kaneki, suggesting that the two may have had similar personalities.

Plot Edit

Little is known about their past, other than the fact that the brothers were orphaned and that he took responsibility for them both. In order to protect Rio, he took care of hunting for them both so that his younger brother would remain safe.

Eventually, he was hunted down and killed by the CCG. His remains were used in the creation of the quinque Rotten Follow, and his death led Rio to commit the Jail incident.

With his memories of the event hazy, Rio was convinced by Shiki Kijima that his brother still lived. He desperately sought a way to save his brother, but Rio eventually recalled that Kijima had already killed his brother.

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Rio Edit

After the loss of their parents, he was the sole caretaker of his younger brother. He was devoted to keeping Rio safe from others, believing that his brother's powers would make him a target of others. This over-protectiveness eventually led to his death, and Rio's mental breakdown.

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