Rosewald Family

The Rosewald family (ロゼヴァルト家, Rozevaruto ke) were a family of upper-class ghouls who held prominent ascendancy in Germany. More than a decade prior to the series, they were exterminated by Matsuri Washuu, who gained considerable credit for this operation.

They are connected to the Tsukiyama family through Tsukuru Tsukiyama, who had a child with one of the Rosewalds in Germany. This child is the parent of Kanae, making Tsuruku her grandfather. Therefore the Rosewalds are a branch family of the Tsukiyama family.

Karren survived her family's extermination, and on her own, fled to Japan at the age of nine. There, the Tsukiyama family took her in as a servant.



  • Their surname means "Forest of Roses" in German.
  • The prefix "von" indicates aristocracy.


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