Rou Jail
Name Rou
Japanese Name ロウ
Species Ghoul
Status Unknown
Gender Female
Affiliations Ghoul Restaurant
Rc Type Koukaku
Game Debut Tokyo Ghoul: Jail
Seiyuu Mariko Honda
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Rou (ロウ, ) is a ghoul who appears in the video game Tokyo Ghoul: Jail. She is one of the suspects in the search for Jail, and a member of the Ghoul Restaurant in the 7th ward.

Appearance Edit

Rou is a slender young woman with long silver hair, purple eyes, and fair skin. She wears a form-fitting purple dress that ruffles from the waist down, earrings and matching bracelets and hair accessories. She also wears long purple boots that almost reach up to her knees. She has a tattoo on the outer corner of her left eye that resembles a stylized spider web.

Jail Depiction Edit

Personality Edit

Rou is shown to be flattering especially around Rio whom she wants to cannibalize. She will also go as far as to starve herself to enjoy her next meal.

Plot Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Ghoul Physiology: Being a ghoul, Rou possesses a koukaku kagune along with enhanced physical abilities.

  • Koukaku Kagune: Rou has a large koukaku kagune that sprouts from beneath her left shoulder, with the base forming a flower-like structure that covers her shoulder blade entirely. The kagune has a flexible, whip-like cord of flesh connecting the flower-like mass to a structure similar to a spear. Rou wields her kagune with her left hand.

Relationships Edit

Rio Edit

She is one of the ghoul suspects he investigates in his search for Jail, but ultimately another false lead. Rou finds him extremely attractive, leading her to attempt to cannibalize him.

Quotes Edit

  • To Rio: "Ahn~! That's nice... Those young and fine buttocks of yours... I feel like I’ll turn 10 years younger when I eat that! Ahahahaha~!"