Ruisawa of Root A

Name Ruisawa
Japanese Name 累沢 (るいさわ)
Romaji Ruisawa
Species Human (Formerly)


Status Alive
Gender Female
Affiliations CCG
Occupation Bureau Investigator
Information Head
Ward 20th Ward
Manga Debut Chapter 20
Anime Debut Episode 19
Seiyuu Yurie Kobori
English VA Leah Clark
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Ruisawa (累沢, Ruisawa) is a bureau investigator and the information head of CCG's 20th ward branch.

Appearance Edit

She is young woman, with average height and shoulder length straight dark hair. She wears a light-colored striped suit with darker shirt under it. She also has freckles around her nose and permanent closed eyes.

Personality Edit

Ruisawa is cheerful with an ever present smile. As a human, she does not consider ghouls to be like humans, happily expressing her apathy about ghoul children being killed.

After being turned into a ghoul, however, she expresses extreme desperation and panic when caught feeding on a human corpse.

Plot Edit

When Ken Kaneki and Touka Kirishima went to give false information about a ghoul at the CCG, Ruisawa was the one who spoke with them. After telling the false information, they asked her how the investigators fought the ghouls, since they were a lot stronger. Ruisawa said that she could not reveal that information, but said two strong investigators had come to their branch and killed the Mother ghoul and will soon find the Daughter ghoul as well. Touka said that must be a heart-breaking, to kill a child, but Ruisawa, still with a smile, told her it was not like that, since ghouls were not humans and since they will cause them trouble, it was natural for them to kill the ghouls. After that Touka and Kaneki left.[1]

She later attended Ippei Kusaba's funeral in the branch's hall.[2]

When Sen Takatsuki went to the CCG 20th ward branch office to divulge information on Kanou's Underground Laboratory, Ruisawa tried to discuss that information with her. However, Takatsuki demanded that a ghoul investigator speak to her.[3][4]

Power and Abilities Edit

As a human, she possesses a normal human's strength.

Trivia Edit

  • In Episode 10, there is an unnamed cameo who closely resembles Ruisawa, except for her eyes and hair color.
  • She finds Koutarou Amon handsome.

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