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The Rushima Landing (流島上陸, Rushima Jōriku) Operation is an operation launched by the CCG to eliminate Aogiri Tree, by attacking their primary base on Rushima.

The operation is a two-pronged mission, with forces divided between invasion of the island and defense of the mainland. In particular, Arima Squad alias Squad 0 was tasked with defending Cochlea during the main assault.

The invasion began at dawn on December 13th. [1] Prior to the operation, a reconnaissance investigation was conducted by the Hachikawa Squad on suspicion of Aogiri activity.


  • Primary Goal: The Destruction of Aogiri Tree.
  • Secondary Goal: The Defense of Cochlea during the operation.
  • Optional Goal: The Rescue of Tooru Mutsuki.


CCG Rushima Raiding Team Edit

Aogiri TreeEdit






  • Koutarou Amon - Seriously wounded by Saiko Yonebayashi.
  • Mitsushita - Killed by Hanbee Abara
  • Karao Saeki - Killed by Tooru Mutsuki
  • Tatara - Killed by Seidou Takizawa
  • Numerous unnamed ghouls, accounting for 98% of Aogiri Tree's total remaining membership.


  • The death of Commander Yoshitoki Washuu.
  • The death of Aogiri's second in command, Tatara.
  • The annihilation of Aogiri Tree.
  • Seidou Takizawa's defection from Aogiri Tree.
  • Itsuki Marude and Akira Mado defect from the CCG.
  • The surviving members of Aogiri ally with the survivors from the Tsukiyama Group and :Re.
  • Matsuri Washuu announces Haise Sasaki as a traitor, and the next primary target for the CCG.
  • Dr. Kanou and his underlings escape, abandoning Rushima.
  • Koutarou Amon is defeated by the Quinx, and captured by the CCG for futher experimentation.


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