Sakuyama Introduced
Name Sakuyama
Japanese Name 作山 (さくやま)
Romaji Sakuyama
Species Human
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Occupation Ghoul Elimination Activist
Manga Debut Oneshot
Image Gallery

Sakuyama (作山, Sakuyama) was a Ghoul Elimination Activist. He appeared in the prototype Oneshot for Tokyo Ghoul.

Appearance Edit

Sakuyama was a middle aged man that had shoulder length black hair. He had a small amount of facial hair on the chin with a mole underneath the bottom lip. He also wore glasses, a hat and a shirt with words on it.

Plot Edit

Sakuyama first appeared on the television inside the unnamed coffee shop on an interview about the 8 People Killer. Sakuyama was then later seen when the Manager was eating his corpse.

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