Name Saotome
Species Human
Status Alive
Gender Male
Occupation Gym Employee
Ward 20th Ward
Novel Debut Days: Chapter 6
Image Gallery

Saotome (..., ...) is a popular long-time employee at the gym Kazuo Yoshida worked and the two were friends.

Appearance Edit

Saotome is an attractive fit male with a muscular body, and noted for having perfect white teeth.

Personality Edit

He is very straightforward. Being both laid back and professional around those at the gym, he also remains friendly and supportive. He is a passionate follower of the gym's mantras and worries about others' health-consciousness.

Plot Edit

Nishiki Arc Edit

Days: Yoshida Edit

Saotome was the first to tell Kazuo Yoshida about the possibility a regular at their gym was possibly attracted to him. When Kazuo denied the possibility, he thought so since the regular, Manami, never looked at any other, not even himself, only at Kazuo. After Kazuo thought it perhaps was only out of pity, Saotome did not deny the possibility.

After Kazuo had already given Manami his money and lost contact with her, he became visibly exhausted. Saotome approached him to offer his help since he was worried about him. When Kazuo told them about the incident with Manami, Saotome shares with Kazuo calmly that he was scammed, explaining all the details to Kazuo that should have been suspicious.

Passionately, he advised Kazuo to report what happened to the police, but Kazuo refused. Deciding to cheer him up and remind him of the gym's motto, Saotome had them all dance to fast-paced music.[1]

Relationships Edit

Kazuo Yoshida Edit

Although being younger than him, Saotome has worked at the gym longer than him, therefore treats him as if they were the same age. He does not mince his words while conversing with him, a habit that Kazuo has come to adjust to.

Trivia Edit

Quotes Edit

  • To Kazuo: "You still have rights, no matter how inexperienced you are with women!"[1]

References Edit

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