Name Scarecrow
Japanese Name スケアクロウ
Romaji Sukeakurō
Species Ghoul
Status Alive
Gender Male
Rating C[1]
Manga Debut :re Chapter 17
Image Gallery

"✕✕...‼ ✕...! ✕✕⁉... ⬜▽▽⚪~... △⬜⚪⬜⚪⚪▽⚪"

— Scarecrow, Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 17

Scarecrow (スケアクロウ, Sukeakurō) is a ghoul earning his name from his mask, modeled after the item of the same name.

Appearance Edit

Little is known about Scarecrow's appearance. His mask is likely made out of cloth, and he has a henohenomoheji-face drawn on his mask and wears a dark hat. His clothes consist of a light-colored, wide v-necked robe with thin stripes and wide sleeves.

He appears to have a scar near his throat area.[2]

Personality Edit

He comes off as a very absent-minded and curious individual who keeps to himself.

Plot Edit

Post-Owl Suppression Operation Edit

Scarecrow rescues Amon

Scarecrow rescues Koutarou Amon from Aogiri Tree members.

Scarecrow helped Koutarou Amon flee from Akihiro Kanou after he was turned into a one-eyed ghoul. He threw a Control Rc gas grenade, disabling the two Aogiri Tree guards restraining Amon. Afterwards, he appeared in front of Amon, sitting on the ground and called out to him with a distorted speech.[2]

Auction Edit

Scarecrow was among the audience during the Auction, mumbling strange and nonsensical things.[3] When the CCG raided Zeum hall he hid in a secure room where he accidentally pressed a button turning on the speakers. The speakers caught Owl torturing Haise Sasaki, playing the screams and mad chattering throughout the entire hall and lowering the investigators' morale[4] while alerting the hall to Sasaki's distress at the same time.

Post-Rose Extermination Edit

Scarecrow rowed away from Rushima on a paddle boat during Hachikawa Squad's investigation of the area. Having spotted him from afar, Tooru Mutsuki wondered if he was part of Aogiri Tree.[5]

Trivia Edit

  • He is the only C-rated ghoul that has appeared as a named character of the entirety of the Tokyo Ghoul series.

Quotes Edit

  • To himself: "✕✕...‼ ✕...! ✕✕⁉... ⬜▽▽⚪~... △⬜⚪⬜⚪⚪▽⚪"[3]
  • To a ghoul beside him: "⬜▽⬜..."[3]
  • To himself: "◯~で ✕⬜◯⬜▽△▽⬜かね hmmm? ◯ん◯⬜し◯?"[4]
  • To Amon: ''Gbbbbo Aghmonn.''

References Edit

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