The Second Cochlea Raid was the second recorded attack on Cochlea, in which Aogiri Tree's main force attacked the ghoul prison.


The CCG concentrated forces in the 11th Ward and began the assault on Aogiri's 11th Ward Base on December 19th. However, Aogiri's main force had already relocated earlier, and the remaining forces were intended to serve as a distraction for the CCG.

Course of the battleEdit

Under the cover of the 11th Ward Battle, Aogiri Tree attacked Cochlea under Tatara's command. They broke into Cochlea until the SS Floor, and retreated before Special Class Kishou Arima could arrive to support Cochlea's staff.[3]



Aogiri TreeEdit

  • Tatara - Command
  • Eto
  • Numerous Aogiri subordinates

Prisoners Edit


Aftermath Edit

  • 3 SS-rated (among them Shachi and Roma[5]), 6 S-rated (among them Naki) and 37 A-rated ghoul prisoners escaped from Cochlea.[6] Shachi and Naki joined Aogiri.[7]
  • Warden Kyouji Misaka fell in battle[4], Cochlea staff suffered major losses, and some facilities inside Cochlea were damaged. Misaka was succeeded by his deputy, Shinme Haisaki.[8]

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