Seinan Gakuin University (晴南学院大学, Seinan Gakuin Daigaku) is a Tokyo university located in the 20th ward. It is noted to be a highly exclusive school, attended by children from prestigious families. Scholarship students may also apply but are considered an exception.


Seinan Gakuin University is divided into a high school and university, allowing its students to continue their education directly. The university includes the following departments:

  • Human Sciences
    • Social Welfare



High SchoolEdit


  • Matsumae - High School Teacher (Formerly)



  • Seinan Gakuin University truly exists, it is a private Christian university located in Fukuoka, Japan, as opposed to being in Tokyo in the manga, and the university's name is 西南学院大学 while in Tokyo Ghoul, it is 晴南学院大学. However, both are comprised of a high school and university.

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