Shikorae intro
Name Shikorae
Japanese Name 死堪
Romaji Shikorae
Species Ghoul
Status Alive
Gender Male
Affiliations Aogiri Tree (Formerly)
Rc Type Ukaku ・ Koukaku ・ Bikaku
Rating A~[1]
Manga Debut :re Chapter 40
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"☜... ☜... ☜... ☠... Tummy... ow... ☢ I'm going home!☹ I hate this!"

— Shikorae, Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 97

Shikorae (死堪, Shikorae) is a ghoul and a member of Aogiri Tree. In the past, he was imprisoned in Cochlea, but he fled during Aogiri's attack on Cochlea and joined Aogiri afterwards.[1]

Appearance Edit

Shikorae is an adult man with long hair and a slender body with a muscular profile. He sports a striped long sleeve crop top with a fish scale design, along with a pair of dark colored pants. His tie has multiple markings of the kanji for "God."

When activated, his kakugan causes a vertical pattern to appear across his face.

His mask is composed of sharp bones that covers the lower half of his face.

Personality Edit

Shikorae seems to be fairly scatterbrained, and shows little sympathy to his victims. He is mentioned by Shousei as having a crazy pace. His speech patterns are simple and sometimes end with alt codes. Shikorae possesses a streak of cowardice, shown during a fight he wanted to leave after receiving a single injury, also displaying selfishness when not ensuring the safety of those he fought beside as he did so.

Plot Edit

Rose Extermination Edit

When the Quinx Squad was ambushed by Karren von Rosewald and his hired Aogiri hitmen, Shikorae found Saiko Yonebayashi hiding while all other ghouls and Quinx were busy fighting. Shikorae commented on how chubby Saiko was and bit into her arm, shortly before being interrupted and attacked by the Robed Giant with an ukaku kagune and fled to group up with the other Aogiri ghouls.[2]

Later, he was present during the Aogiri Tree ambush on CCG transports led by Naki in the aftermath of the Tsukiyama Family Extermination Operation.[3]

Rushima Landing Operation Edit

After the Hachikawa Squad was discovered infiltrating Rushima, Shikorae and Seidou Takizawa were among the pursuers. Successfully latched onto Chuu Hachikawa, Shikorae bit off his nose before spitting it out, remarking that it tasted bad. With help from Takizawa, they made short work of the investigator. When Tooru Mutsuki and Ayumu Hogi tried to escape, he shot at them with his ukaku and managed to injure Hogi. He and Takizawa then ate Hachikawa's remains.[4]

Shikorae cut Nishiki Nishio's kagune that held Akihiro Kanou, unexpectedly appearing alongside Roma Hoito.[5] When Roma was skewered by Kurona Yasuhisa, he yelled out to her[6] and checked if she was okay before she charged at Nishiki and Kurona to continue their fight only to be nearly killed. At that moment she yelled out and he unleashed his ukaku kagune and attacked Kurona. As she thought of his dual kagune types after he switched to his koukaku, he was hit from the side by Nishiki causing him to keel over in pain. After Roma had faith that she had an advantage with Shikorae, he hated the fighting and wanted to go home, so he quickly fled.[7]

Post-Clown SeigeEdit

When Kuki Urie and Iwao Kuroiwa confront Kichimura Washuu, Shikorae and Roma appear and he attacks both of them with his kagune as Kichimura asks the investigators to die.

Relationships Edit

Seidou TakizawaEdit

Shikorae and Takizawa fought against and killed Hachikawa on Rushima together, and seemed to cooperate smoothly. It is presumed that they ate the investigator's body together afterwards.

Roma HoitoEdit

They arrived together to defend Kanou, despite her being a Clown. He listened to her during her fight to unleash his kagune, however he fled from her side, showing no need to care for her well-being.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Ghoul Physiology: Shikorae is initially considered to be a ghoul of moderate strength, though demonstrates high regenerative abilities and speed. He quickly recovers from having several holes blown in him, and is agile enough to repeatedly ambush opponents. However, he turns out to be more powerful than expected and possesses multiple Rc types.

  • Bikaku Kagune: His bikaku takes the form of a massive tail, made out of multiple strands of flesh woven together. With it, he can pierce the ground and set up traps to ambush his opponents.
  • Ukaku Kagune: He demonstrates the ability to create an ukaku formed of multiple "wings" emerging from his back. These crystal-like structures can fire off numerous projectiles over a good distance.
  • Koukaku Kagune: He is able to produce a koukaku kagune, a blade formed around his right arm.
  • Superhuman Durability: Shikorae was capable of only sustaining slight injury after being kicked by Nishiki whose kick has the ability to instantly render skilled opponents weak and slice multiple individuals clean in half.

Trivia Edit

  • An image of Shikorae is hidden underneath the cover of the Jail Scenario Book.
  • He possesses unusual kakugan markings, which appear as vertical patterns across his face when active. These markings are strikingly similar to those possessed by the ghoul, Jail. It is currently unknown how or whether the two are connected.
  • His necktie appears in the Tokyo Ghoul Flip Calendar as Hooguro and Shousei's gift to Yamori.
  • Shikorae is the first ghoul shown to have three kagune types.
  • Shikorae is referred to as a "crossover character" by Ishida. It is yet to be revealed where this crossover takes place.

Quotes Edit

  • To Mutsuki and Ayumu: "I will make you hurt! ✀ "[4]
  • To himself: "☜... ☜... ☜... ☠... Tummy... ow... ☢ I'm going home!☹ I hate this!"[7]
  • To Roma: "Whaddaya want?"

References Edit

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