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Shinsanpei Aura
Aura intro
Name Shinsanpei Aura
Japanese Name 安浦 晋三平 (あうら しんさんぺい)
Romaji Aura Shinsanpei
Species Quinx
Human (Formerly)
Status Alive
Age 18[1]
Gender Male
Birthday November 18th[1]
Height 185 cm[1]
Weight 85 kg[1]
Blood Type AB[1]
Affiliations CCG
Mado Squad (Formerly)
Quinx Squad
S2 Squad
Suzuya Squad
S3 Squad
Occupation Ghoul Investigator
Relatives Kiyoko Aura (Aunt)
Unnamed Mother
Ward 1st Ward
Rc Type Ukaku[1]
Rc Level 980[3]
Quinque Tsunagi <hard> (Bikaku, Rate C)[1]
Class 79th (7th Junior Academy)[1]
Rank Rank 2[1]
Honors Academy scholarship student[1]
Manga Debut :re Chapter 59
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Shinsanpei Aura (安浦 晋三平, Aura Shinsanpei) is a Rank 2 Ghoul Investigator and one of the second batch of recruits to the Quinx Squad. He is the nephew of the Special Class Investigator Kiyoko Aura. He is noted to not have any special achievements in the Academy, but his potential is anticipated.[2]

Appearance Edit

Aura is a tall young man with dark hair and bangs that cover his eyes. He wears standard office attire at the office, and the standard Qs cloak during field work.

Personality Edit

Aura seems rather shy and becomes nervous when spoken to. When interacting with other people, he used respectful forms, such as always addressing his squad leader, Kuki Urie with his title. He is also quite vengeful, seeking to kill Haise Sasaki for what happened to his aunt.[4]

Overtime, Aura started to developed a cruel streak. As shown when killing the Clowns in a merciless manner during the siege, and gave a cruel smile when "Haise Sasaki" was executed.

Plot Edit

Post-Rose Extermination Edit

Aura was first introduced fighting Aogiri Tree members alongside his squad. He encouraged Saiko Yonebayashi and looked out for the team. Later, he accompanied Urie to a meeting with Matsuri Washuu about their progress with Aogiri and was then dismissed to go home. However, he remained outside of the room until Urie emerged since he still had the car keys.[5]

Rushima Landing Operation Edit

He along with the rest of his squad were assigned to the operation to exterminate the ghouls of Rushima. Their squad was ordered by Matsuri Washuu to eliminate the remaining ghouls on the beach.[6] Five days later, he and his squad were still on the island searching for Tooru Mutsuki.[7]

With Urie in the lead, the Quinx Squad arrived[8] in the middle of the fight between Floppy and Mutsuki. Urie ordered them as they attacked in a set strategy. After Ching-Li Hsiao had distracted the ghoul from the back to the front, Aura stabbed Floppy in the back, yelling to Touma Higemaru so he would make the attack in time from their target's front side. Unfortunately, Higemaru was too close for Saiko to continue and complete the attack and broke the group's fluidity. Higemaru being knocked unconscious to the side, Aura met the ghoul's blow, blocking it. However, Floppy grabbed Aura's kagune, crushing it within his hand's grasp. He then took a hit to face that sent him to the ground where the ghoul sliced through his right leg, leaving him in shock.[9]

Post-Rushima Landing Operation Edit

Clown Siege Edit

Post-Clown Siege Edit

Relationships Edit

Kiyoko Aura Edit

Aura's aunt. They seem to share a positive relationship, sharing meals and Kiyoko taking an interest in Aura's personal life. She affectionately calls him "San-chan".[2]

Kuki Urie Edit

As Urie's subordinate, in comparison to the rest of the Quinx Squad, Aura is very formal when interacting with him, for instance, always using formal and respectful pronouns when speaking to Urie despite both living in the Chateau and knowing him for a lengthy time.

Haise Sasaki Edit

Initially he was respectful to the older man but after being informed of Sasaki's defection that led to his aunt's injuries, Aura holds hostility towards the former investigator. When the execution of "Haise Sasaki" took place, Aura was the only one seen to smile while the others shown to look away or seem indifferent.

Tooru Mutsuki Edit

He held admiration towards Mutsuki having been ecstatic when his senior colleague praised him on the Clown ghouls he eliminated. However, this has become questionable due to finding Mutsuki atop a mutilated ghoul naked and out of breath.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Quinx Physiology: Due to being a Quinx hybrid, Aura possesses an ukaku kagune along with enhanced physical capabilities.

  • Ukaku Kagune: His kagune takes the form of a blade which wraps around his right arm.
  • Superhuman Agility: Aura is capable of executing an advanced attack strategy with his team mates, his attack was placed in perfect time between the previous hit and the resulting distraction of the target who was incidentally a former investigator well distinguished for his strength and agility.
  • Tsunagi <hard>: A bikaku type mass-produced quinque, shaped like a long sword without a guard, ending with a unadorned handle.

Trivia Edit

  • His hobbies are magic tricks, reading and fishing.[1]

References Edit

Site Navigation Edit

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