Shizuku Kawakami


Shizuku Kawakami Anime

Name Shizuku Kawakami
Japanese Name 川上 雫
Romaji Kawakami Shizuku
Species Human
Status Deceased
Age 15 - 16
Gender Female
Affiliations CCG
Occupation CCG Cadet
Manga Debut Chapter 102
Anime Debut Episode 17
Image Gallery

Shizuku Kawakami (川上 雫, Kawakami Shizuku) was a junior who attended the Academy Junior School. She succumbed to an illness at a young age due to her frail body.[1]

She was friends with both Kurona Yasuhisa and Nashiro Yasuhisa.


Shizuku was a petite and soft looking girl who wore her short hair in low pigtails.


She was known to be a kind girl who always smiled. Despite her poor health, she wanted to be helpful to the CCG.

Plot Edit

Shizuku was in the 2nd Academy along with Nashiro and Kurona. She was remembered fondly for her kind and happy deposition. Due to her poor health she couldn't become a ghoul investigator, but aimed to become a CCG staff assistant to help with investigations. She died due to her poor health when Nashiro and Kurona were about 15 years old.[1]

References Edit

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