The Trading Company Sphinx (貿易会社スフィンクス, Bōekigaisha Sufinkusu) purchased foreign goods and sold them in Japan. Secretly, the Sphinx Company sold "liquid solutions" from dissolved ghouls to the CCG to be used in the production of their quinques and Rc suppressants technology.[1]

The company was founded and directed by Nanao Yasuhisa, Kurona's and Nashiro's father, who started his successful enterprise with funds from his father's wealth.[2]

According to Akihiro Kanou, this was a falsification. In reality, Nanao failed in his business ventures, exhausted the Yasuhisa fortune and sustained a massive amount of debt. The Commission of Counter Ghoul offered Nanao a transaction to assume the Yasuhisa family's debt in exchange for utilization of the Yasuhisa Mansion as a front for construction of an underground laboratory beneath the manor for the federal law enforcement agency's ghoulification experiments. Nanao reluctantly agreed but eventually became horrified by the barbarity of the research and tried to inform the outside world.

This compelled the CCG to eliminate the Yasuhisa couple and falsify their deaths as being caused by a ghoul breaking into the mansion.[3]

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