Name Sumi
Japanese Name スミ
Romaji Sumi
Species Ghoul
Status Unknown
Gender Male
Affiliations Uta's Gang (formerly)
Ward 4th Ward
Manga Debut Chapter 112
Image Gallery

Sumi (スミ, Sumi) was one of many ghouls who appeared in Uta's gang in the past. He was often seen together with another ghoul within the gang by the name of Kado, someone who shared a similar appearance to his own.

It is unknown whether he is still alive currently.

Appearance Edit

Sumi is a very tall man with a large muscular build. He is completely bald and sports a goatee. He is seen wearing a black, sleeveless shirt.

Personality Edit

Not much is known about his personality.

Plot Edit

Past Edit

Sumi alongside Uta brutally killed a couple of ghoul investigators who were pursuing a ghoul down an alleyway. He then made an offhanded comment at Uta's enthusiasm in exploiting Itori during the process. Afterwards, Sumi gathered with the rest of Uta's gang as they discussed the CCG's recent efforts within the 4th ward.

Trivia Edit

  • His first appearance was in Volume 4's omake, where he and Kado attempt to roughhouse Renji Yomo for stealing out of the gang's refrigerator.

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