Name Tabata
Japanese Name 田畑 (たばた)
Romaji Tabata
Species Human
Status Alive
Gender Male
Affiliations Kiyomi High School (Formerly)
Occupation High School Student (Formerly)
Ward 20th Ward
Manga Debut Chapter 53
Image Gallery

Tabata (田畑, Tabata) is a sophomore student at Kiyomi High School and Touka Kirishima's classmate.


Tabata is a young boy with glasses and short black hair. In class, he wears the school's uniform.


His comments typically make his classmates freak out.


Aogiri ArcEdit

When other classmates were discussing the current developments in the 11th ward, he commented that the ghouls had always been excelling as living beings and that one should expect the humans to lose. The other classmates called that creepy.[1]

Raid of Kanou's LabEdit


  1. Tokyo Ghoul Chapter 53

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