Janitor Tanaka
Name Tanaka
Japanese Name タナカ
Romaji Tanaka
Species Ghoul
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Occupation Janitor
Ward 13th Ward
Rc Type Koukaku
Manga Debut Jack: Chapter 3
Image Gallery

Tanaka (タナカ, Tanaka) was a ghoul from the 13th ward who worked as a janitor at Seishin Senior High School. He was killed by Kishou Arima.

Appearance Edit

Tanaka was an average man with short hair and narrow eyes. His janitor uniform consisted of a simple button up shirt, jeans and a cap.

Personality Edit

Tanaka was a very boastful individual as well as proud. He openly commended his own skill before facing Arima, believing he would win without knowing Arima's true ability.

Plot Edit

Jack Edit

Tanaka served as the janitor at Seishin High School for several months. One night, Tanaka unexpectedly killed Ogata in an alley way in front of Arima and Taishi Fura.[1] Initially they suspected him to be the ghoul Lantern but that was not the case. While Tanaka egotistically spoke of himself, Arima brandished his quinque, and let it be known that he was a ghoul investigator, a fact that astonished Tanaka before Arima killed him. Later, his body was removed from the area.[2]

Power and Abilities Edit

Ghoul Physiology: Due to his ghoul nature, Tanaka had a koukaku kagune. Although Tanaka was an experienced ghoul, he was not a match for Arima when he was using his quinque, Yukimura 1/3.

  • Koukaku Kagune: Tanaka's kagune was simply one large tentacle of fairly strong ability that vaguely resembled that of Uruka Minami's bikaku in his own koukaku form and was capable of grabbing, throwing, and attacking opponents.

References Edit

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