The Black Goat
Kaneki imagines The Black Goat
Name The Black Goat
Species Human
Status Unknown
Gender Female
Relatives The Black Goat's son †
Manga Debut Chapter 1
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The Black Goat is the titular character of the novel The Black Goat's Egg by Sen Takatsuki. She is a brutal serial killer who has a complicated relationship with her son.


The Black Goat is described as a depraved and cruel person who is known for her sadistic murders.


Very little of her appearance is depicted, however she seems to have long dark hair.


The Black Goat's EggEdit

The Black Goat was one of the main characters of the novel[1] and a major source of conflict for her son. Her murders disgusted her son, but he could not help but sympathize with her and feel the same cruel impulses.[2]


The Black Goat's sonEdit

They have a complicated and ambivalent relationship based violence. However her perspective on their relationship is minimal.

Role in the SeriesEdit

The character becomes an important figure to Ken Kaneki who denotes Rize Kamishiro as having a similar role in his life.


  • "In this room you are not allowed to love anybody."[3]