The Black Goat's son
Kaneki imagines The Black Goat's son
Name The Black Goat's son
Species Human
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Relatives The Black Goat (Mother)
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Image Gallery

The Black Goat's son is the main protagonist of the novel The Black Goat's Egg by Sen Takatsuki. He is the son of a brutal serial killer who he has a complicated relationship with.


He is described as being both disgusted but sympathetic towards his mother's murders as he also can not help but feel violent urges. He has a weak mental state that continuously deteriorates.


Very little of his appearance is depicted, however he seems to have longish light hair.


The Black Goat's EggEdit

The Black Goat's son was the main protagonist of the novel[1] and suffered because of his mother. He was disgusted by her murders, but he could not help but sympathize with her and feel the same cruel impulses.[2] Over the course of the story, his sanity degraded until he had a complete mental breakdown. He claimed to have died during a severe hallucination.[3]


The Black GoatEdit

They have a complicated and ambivalent relationship based violence. Although The Black Goat's son does not want to become like his mother, he is unable to resist his heritage.

Role in the SeriesEdit

The character becomes an important figure to Ken Kaneki who compares himself to The Black Goat's son after his incident with Rize Kamishiro. Kaneki refers to himself as "The Ghoul's Egg" after the character who is "The Black Goat's Egg".[1] Eto Yoshimura later calls Kaneki the "Kakuja's Egg" further drawing parallels between them.[4] His similarities to The Black Goat's son is something she eventually takes advantage of during the Tsukiyama Family Extermination Operation.[5]


  • During a hallucination: "I knew I was made of poison! No, it was that woman who was poison itself."[3]
  • During a hallucination: "Climb, climb. Not enough to die. To a higher place, higher place, climb!"[3]


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