• 1. Artificial oogai/quinx hybrids are created.

    2. They are put to chemical coma.

    3. Fed artificial supplements.

    4. Ghoul juice extracted from kakuhou.

    5. Rationed to ghoul population.

    6. CCG takes out Non-willing ghouls.

    7. Ghouls give social service according to their individual capacity.

    8. perpetual peace treaty.

    9. ????

    10. PROFIT!!!11

    Idea taken from BLADE:TRINITY

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    • I think those are pretty good ideas but the first four points could actually cause some ethical problems (read “The promised neverland” which tackles this issue in profundity and whether we should do that or not). I personally think that instead, ghouls could only eat already dead people (sorta like some already did in the story) and could also help people who willingly want euthanasia. This could also help with the corpse overpopulation that we are heading to. The rest is absolutely brilliant in my opinion.

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