Tokyo Ghoul (stage play)
Tokyo Ghoul Stage Play Cover
Japanese Title 東京喰種トーキョーグール
Romaji Tōkyō Gūru
Publisher Marvelous
Distributor TC Entertainment
Original run July 2, 2015 – Ongoing
Plays 2

Stage Play "Tokyo Ghoul" (舞台『東京喰種トーキョーグール』, Butai 『Tōkyō Gūru』) is a stage play produced by Marvelous Entertainment and Studio Pierrot based on the manga of the same name.

Cast Edit

Staff Edit

  • Director: Isamu Chino
  • Writer: Chūji Mikasano
  • Music: Gō Sakabe
  • Combat choreography: Daisuke Shimizu
  • Stage management: Takeshi Motoki
  • Scenic design: Itaru Sugiyama
  • Stage lighting: Kuniyuki Hayashi
  • Sound design: Takuhei Aoki
  • Costume design: Toshihiro Obara
  • Hair and Makeup design: Kanako Furuhashi
  • Property design: Ken'ichi Hatori
  • Associate director: Kaori Miura

Plays Edit

# Title Performance Date
1 Stage play 2015 July 2, 2015 - July 8, 2015 (Tokyo)
July 18, 2015 - July 20, 2015 (Kyoto)
2 Stage play 2017 June 29, 2017 - July 4, 2017 (Tokyo)
August 8, 2017 - August 9, 2017 (Osaka)


# Release date ISBN DVD&BD
1 November 27, 2015 4562474166027 (DVD)
4562474166010 (BD)
DVD&BD vol.1 (stage play)
Plays Included: Cover Characters:
Tokyo Ghoul Stage Play Cover
2 November 29, 2017 4562474188777 (DVD)
4562474188760 (BD)
DVD&BD vol.2 (stage play)
Plays Included: Cover Characters:
Tokyo Ghoul stage play 2017 cover

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Cast (2015) Edit

Cast (2017) Edit

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External Links Edit

  • Marvelous: Marvelous special website for the stage play.
  • Twitter: Tokyo Ghoul official stage play twitter.
  • Ameba: Official blog.

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