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In Tokyo Ghoul, it has not been confirmed (yet) in what years of the Gregorian calendar the events of recent years take place. However, it has been possible to determine the order of events and the difference in years between events in Tokyo Ghoul.

For this reason, the Tokyo Ghoul wiki currently defines a specialized calendar to represent dates of recent events in the Tokyo Ghoul timeline.


The days and months are still given as in the Gregorian calendar, however, the epoch of the calendar is January 1st of the year of the Steel Beam Incident. In this calendar, this year is defined as year zero, the year after is year 1 after the Steel Beam Incident and the year before is year 1 before the Steel Beam Incident. For brevity, the acronym ASBI stands for after the Steel Beam Incident and BSBI stands for before the Steel Beam Incident.


  • April 22nd two years after the steel beam incident is April 22, 2 ASBI.
  • An event in the year of the incident happens in 0 ASBI.
  • An event on July 25th three years before the steel beam incident happens on July 25, 3 BSBI.


To format dates that use this calendar, please use the {{SBI date|<year>|<month>|<day>|<link>}} template.

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