Tooru Mutsuki's father
Tooru Mutsuki's father
Name Tooru Mutsuki's father
Species Human
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Relatives Tooru Mutsuki (Daughter)
Unnamed Wife †
Unnamed Son †
Manga Debut :re Chapter 73
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Tooru Mutsuki's father was the father of Ghoul Investigator Tooru Mutsuki. He was allegedly killed by ghouls, alongside his wife and his son.



Tooru Mutsuki's father was an angry, abusive man that terrorized his family. He also seems to have been an alcoholic, drinking heavily and demanding respect from others.



He drank alcohol and screamed insults at his already-bruised daughter. He grabbed Tooru by the bangs and dragged her into the bathroom, while his wife watched in silent terror. Convinced that his daughter was disrespecting him, he forced her head under the water and demanded he be praised as a good father. After being held under, Tooru submitted and praised him as demanded. Satisfied with this, he leered down at his daughter's soaked shirt.[1]

Some time later, he would be killed along with his wife and son. While the murders were labeled a ghoul attack, rumors spread about Tooru being responsible.[2]


Tooru Mutsuki

He abused his daughter for harboring no respect toward him, until he eventually forced her into submitting, making her praise him as the best father. This twisted father-and-child relationship seems to have impacted Tooru's life style greatly and may explain some certain aspects of her/his behavior.


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