This page specifies special guidelines for Tooru Mutsuki
For consistency in article structure or writing style, please abide by the following guidelines. All edits to the page in question should give consideration to community consensus.

The community has decided on the following with respect to the article and all other references across the Tokyo Ghoul Wiki:

  • Mutsuki's article shall list only "Sex" in the {{Character}} infobox.
  • Pronoun usage for articles is as follows:
    • Feminine pronouns are to be used when covering material related to Mutsuki's early life.
    • Masculine pronouns are to be used when covering material after the murders and during the series itself.

You may read the latest forum discussion here. Failure to follow these guidelines are punishable depending on severity.

Community approval necessary before modification

Note that changes to these rules can be enacted by community discussion that results in consensus. Upon new developments, changes to those above can be implemented after speedy discussion. However, a full discussion is required if it is requested by an autoconfirmed, non-banned editor who has been active on the wiki for at least a week.