Touma Higemaru's uncle
Higemaru's uncle sees his nephew
Name Touma Higemaru's uncle
Species Human
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Died February 9, 5 ASBI[1][2]
Affiliations Tokyo Fire Department
Occupation Firefighter
Relatives Touma Higemaru (Nephew)
Manga Debut :re Chapter 106
Image Gallery

Touma Higemaru's uncle was a firefighter for the Tokyo Fire Department who comes from a wealthy family, involved in various life-saving duties such as emergency responders and the Self-Defense Force, just like his nephew Touma Higemaru.


He was an average looking middle-aged man with hair that reaches the back of his neck. He bore a great resemblance to his nephew, Touma Higemaru, having almost the same facial looks. He also seemed to have the same hair colour as his nephew.


Like many members of his family, he had a strong sense of justice and willingness to protect others. He dotes on his nephew and worries about him, so is appreciative of Urie for taking care of him.


Post-Third Cochlea RaidEdit

Higemaru's uncle pierced with Donato's kagune

Higemaru's uncle pierced with Donato's kagune.

Touma Higemaru's uncle was one of the firefighters responding to the attacks by the Clowns. During the chaos, he saw Higemaru who was patrolling the city with his squad. He, Higemaru, and Kuki Urie separated from the rest of the squad to investigate another area. Higemaru's uncle spoke about his family and how surprised he was when he heard that Higemaru wanted to be a ghoul investigator. He came to see it as a noble job however, and asked Urie to take care of him. Soon after he was attacked by Donato Porpora and killed. [2] During Urie's battle with Donato, the former is overwhelmed and flung around the room before landing on top of the body of Touma Higemaru's uncle.


Touma HigemaruEdit

He worries about Higemaru and considers him the most reckless member of his family. He is proud that his nephew took up a noble job rescuing people and is following in his family's footsteps.

Kuki Urie Edit

The two of them have no history together but immediately formulated a mutual respect for the other. When he asked Urie if he could raise Touma into a fine man, he said that this also is a part of his job.


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