The Washuu Clan Ambush Incident is a massacre of the Washuu Clan (sans Matsuri Washuu) by the Clowns and V to guarantee Nimura Furuta's hostile takeover of the Commission of Counter Ghoul by usurping the position of Bureau Director.

Goals Edit

Washuu Clan Edit

Clowns Edit

V Edit

  • Modification of the Washuu Clan's alliance with V in favor of the Washuu Branch Family
  • Assassination of the CCG Chairman Tsuneyoshi Washuu

Participants Edit

Washuu Clan Edit

Clowns and V Edit

Casualties Edit

Washuu Clan Edit

  • Tsuneyoshi Washuu - Killed by Nimura Furuta
  • Numerous unnamed members of the Washuu Clan - Killed by Nimura Furuta, Uta, and Donato Porpora.

Legacy Edit

  • Special Wanted Criminal HS is framed as the mastermind of the assassination of Chairman Tsuneyoshi Washuu and the Washuu Clan massacre.
  • The Clowns and V form a secret alliance with Nimura Furuta being in control.
  • Internal conflict begins within the CCG for the position of Bureau Director between Souta Washuu-Furuta and Matsuri Washuu.

References Edit

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