Yakumo Oomori
Name Yakumo Oomori
Japanese Name 大守 八雲 (おおもり やくも)
Romaji Ōmori Yakumo
Alias Yamori
Species Ghoul
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Born March 15[1]
Died December 20, 0 ASBI[2][3][4]
Height 186 cm[1]
Weight 101 kg[1]
Foot Length 28 cm[1]
Blood Type B[1]
Affiliations Aogiri Tree - Executive
White Suits - Founding Leader
Ward 13th Ward
Rc Type Rinkaku[1]
Unique States Kakuja (Incomplete)[1]
Rating S[5]
Manga Debut Chapter 51
Anime Debut Episode 1
Seiyuu Rintarō Nishi
English VA Christopher R. Sabat
Stage Play Yoshitaka Yamagami
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"Every time someone is disadvantaged in the world, it is because of their 'lack of ability.' The weak are trampled. They are overrun. They are violated. They are afflicted."

— Yakumo Oomori, Tokyo Ghoul Chapter 61

Yakumo Oomori (大守 八雲, Ōmori Yakumo) was an executive of Aogiri Tree and the former leader of the White Suits from the 13th ward. Typically, he was called by his alias Yamori (ヤモリ, lit. "Gecko"). Due to his brutality, he also became known as 13th Ward's Jason.

Yamori also appeared in the spin-off Tokyo Ghoul: Jack.


In Tokyo Ghoul: Jack, Yamori was slimmer than he was in the Tokyo Ghoul manga and had black hair. He wore a black suit with a white shirt in the manga but a black shirt in the OVA.

Yamori was a very bulky man with slicked back blonde hair and sharp lizard eyes and was every bit as scary as he looked. Normally in an entirely white suit and black dress shirt, he resembled a typical gangster. His face closely resembled a gecko. His mask is a reference to Jason Voorhees, a hockey mask that echoed his violent temperament.

Manga Depiction

Anime Depiction


Not much was known before his imprisonment, but Yamori developed an arrogant and sadistic personality that mirrored his interrogator as a means of escaping the reality of his torture. He was a manipulative and deceitful ghoul who would be violent in order to get what he desires.

He inherited the finger cracking from his interrogator which he would, unintentionally, pass to Kaneki. Despite his brutish, cruel, sadistic and violent nature he was somewhat carefree. He also loved his mother dearly, enough so that in his last moments alive he constantly called out to her.



At an unknown time, Yamori lost his mother.[3]

Arima impales Yamori

Arima impales Yamori.

In the 13th ward, he was acquaintances with Sumiharu Katou and Uruka Minami, also known as "Lantern,"[6] and took part in an ambush of Kishou Arima and Taishi Fura at Minami's request. He easily cornered Fura and has the youth at his mercy until he was blindsided and wounded by Arima. He fled and managed to break through the CCG cordon outside.[7]

Before he was called "Jason", he messed up and was taken to 23rd ward's ghoul detention center, Cochlea, because of the information he held about the 13th ward. He was left alive for this information.

Yamori after his torture

Yamori about to attack his torturer.

During his imprisonment in Cochlea, he was tortured relentlessly by a sadistic investigator working there. He desperately tried to escape the pain: He convinced himself he was the torturer, not the tortured one. When their roles were reversed, he felt a thrill he had never felt before; it seemed like he had truly become human.

During the torture, he learned about the injections and methods to inflict pain on ghouls. He started seeking ways to satisfy his sadistic hobby by looking for unfortunate victims to bring to his personal torture chamber.[8]

Naki and Yamori meet

Yamori "meets" Naki.

At an unknown time, he came into contact with Naki and took the younger ghoul under his wing after beating him in a fight. Some time later, Naki was captured and placed in Cochlea as a result of protecting Yamori.

Dove's Emergence Arc

In the anime, Yamori visited Asaki Fueguchi to receive a new pair of pliers after his old pair was taken by Rize. Asaki agreed, while Ryouko and Hinami hid from Yamori. Yamori returned later to obtain the pliers, and was asked by Asaki to leave him alone. Yamori agreed, and proceeded to throw Asaki out of his office. Yamori was then confronted by two ghoul investigators: Kureo Mado and Koutarou Amon. He engaged in a brief scuffle with them before fleeing.[9]

Aogiri Arc

Yamori and Nico were ordered by Aogiri Tree's leaders to capture Rize Kamishiro or the person smelling like Rize.[10] Together with Ayato Kirishima, they raided Anteiku and captured Ken Kaneki. Yamori informed Tatara they captured the one who held "some of Rize" and would bring him to Noro's place.[11]

Yamori decided to turn Kaneki into his next "toy."[12] Nico had found out about Anti-Aogiri's planned escape attempt, so Yamori foiled their escape, killing Tetsu and Moku. He offered Kaneki to overlook the other members of Anti-Aogiri in exchange for Kaneki becoming his underling. Left without a choice, Kaneki accepted Yamori's offer.[13]

After Yamori and Kaneki had entered Yamori's torture chamber, Yamori then tortured Kaneki for ten days. He injected Kaneki with Rc suppressants to suppress his ghoul powers and cut off his fingers and toes like nails. When the injection's effects wore off, he forced Kaneki to eat so his fingers and toes would regrow. Later, he also placed a Chinese red-headed centipede in Kaneki's ear.[8]

Kaneki vs. Yamori

Kaneki cutting Yamori's kakuja arm.

Unable to break Kaneki's mind through physical torture alone, Yamori decided to force Kaneki to choose whether he would kill Kouto or Kei. This way, Yamori revealed that he reneged on their deal. Since Kaneki was unable to choose between them, Yamori killed them both. This triggered Kaneki to embrace his ghoul side.[14]

When CCG commenced its attack on the 11th Ward Base, Yamori came to eat Kaneki. However, Kaneki instead took a bite of Yamori, escaped his bindings, then the two fought.[2] Yamori was eventually defeated when Kaneki ate his kagune. Kaneki left him lying helplessly in his hobby room.[15]

Juuzou Suzuya found the heavily injured Yamori and killed him.[3] His kakuhou was then used to create Juuzou's quinque, 13's Jason.


Ken Kaneki

Yamori saw Kaneki as a "good" toy for his hobby of torturing.[8] He saw him as a weak morally-guided boy and made use of his powerful regeneration to satisfy his sadistic pleasure. Ironically, Yamori, who initially believed he weakened Kaneki, was overpowered and defeated by him, being the catalyst for his transformation.


Yamori treated his right-hand man with kindness and patience, unlike every other interaction he had in the series. Besides entrusting him with errands and handling money, Yamori gave him birthday presents and took his time to patiently explain things in simple terms for Naki. In return, Naki adored him as a "god-like" figure, admired his strength and tried to be just like him in all ways. They both are noted to have a liking for torture, one of Yamori's promises to Naki was that he would torture him. After Yamori's death, Naki grieved to extremes and attempted to seek revenge against Kaneki.


Yamori met Nico one night in a club. As Nico likes to have good-looking men around him, he immediately formed a relationship with Yamori and decided to stick with him for as long as he was able. Their relationship may have evolved into more than just partners. Nico followed Yamori into the Aogiri Tree despite being a part of another ghoul gang.

Nico actually enjoyed Yamori's sadistic tendencies, especially when they were directed toward himself, as was proven when Yamori impaled Nico through the stomach. The only case proven when Nico was critical about Yamori's moral values was when he threatened to kill a mother and her son.

Even though they spent a long time together and obviously formed a bond that worked between them, they were not too emotionally invested in each other. As evidenced by Nico when Yamori died, he was sad to lose a good-looking male, but overall not sad that Yamori was dead.

The relationship between Yamori and Nico was a long and complicated one, filled with blood, death, and partnership. If there was more between them than just an understanding friendship and a common interest in sadistic/masochistic tendencies, it has not been confirmed although it is heavily suggested.


They did not get along, having hostile attitudes towards each other. In all their interactions, Yamori would insult or crush at Lantern and made it clear he considered the other ghoul a problem. Even when working together, it was clear they did not get along and would readily abandon or turn on each other.

Power and Abilities

Ghoul Physiology: Yamori was an S-rated ghoul, a powerful threat with great physical strength and speed due to the cannibalization of other ghouls. In the 13th ward, there was almost no one that dared defy him.[2]

  • Rinkaku Kagune: As a typical rinkaku user, the kagune mainly added strength and regenerating abilities. Yamori had mastered his kagune to an extent where he could shape it into various forms at will.
  • Rinkaku Kakuja: The armor packed more punch into his attacks by enveloping more flesh into his thorned tentacle and healed his wounds at a faster rate.[16] Since he was an incomplete kakuja, he had no control and fought like a blind berserker.
  • Superhuman Strength: Yamori was capable of quickly overpowering Kaneki, and bashing him against a wall right afterwards, destroying it in the process.[11]

Manga Depiction

Anime Depiction


  • Yamori likes torturing, screams, and anguished facial expressions.[1]
  • Yamori's hobbies are collecting torture devices and searching for tough prey.[1]
  • Yamori was ranked twenty-ninth in the latest character popularity poll.
  • His nickname — Jason — is a reference to Jason Voorhees, a character of the Friday the 13th movies. At times, Yamori wears a hockey mask, Jason Voorhees' trademark.
    • The fact that he comes from the 13th ward also adds a reference to Friday the 13th.
  • Yamori was a lot slimmer and less bulky before his torture, hinting that his current body frame was built after he became "Jason." This reflects on Kaneki´s own physical changes after the torture at Yamori´s hands.
  • In Tokyo Ghoul Trump, he is featured as the "King of Hearts."
  • Oddly enough, he seems to be talented at drawing, as exhibited in a omake.


  • To Kaneki: "Doing what one likes is the right of the strong."[11]
  • To Kaneki (about his torture): "As the long and harsh life of torture continued, I tried desperately to come up with a way to escape the pain... Truly 'desperately.' 'I am not the ghoul named "Yamori." I am the investigator meting out the torture,' I convinced myself. When I believed that... most mysteriously, it was unclear — was I suffering pain or inflicting pain? As if the enemy and I had become a single person, I felt a strange sense of unity. And then one day, in a split second chance, our roles were reversed in reality. Though it was but a short hour, I felt as if I had really become a human. I'll never forget that thrill."[8]


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