Yan portrait
Name Yan
Japanese Name 焔 (イェン)
Romaji Yen
Species Ghoul
Status Deceased
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Affiliations Chi She Lian - Leader
Relatives Tatara (Younger brother) †
Ward N/A
Rc Type Unknown
Unique States Kakuja[1]
Manga Debut Chapter 141 (Mentioned)
Anime Debut Episode 17 (Mentioned)
Image Gallery

Yan (焔, Yen; Pinyin: yàn) was a Chinese ghoul, and the older brother of Tatara. He led the gang Chi She Lian prior to his extermination.

Plot Edit

Past Edit

During his time in China, Kousuke Houji was involved in the destruction of the gang Chi She Lian. Among its members was Yan, the older brother of Tatara, the ghoul that would become Aogiri Tree's second-in-command.

Anteiku Raid Edit

Upon realizing that he was facing Houji's subordinate, Tatara demanded to know whether Houji had Yan.

Powers and Abilities Edit

His exact abilities are unknown, though Houji stated he was a ghoul of immense strength. Fifteen Special Classes and thirty Associate Special Classes were needed to kill him, and that over a hundred ghoul investigators were killed in the process. Houji stated that Tatara's kakuja looked just like his brother's, implying he developed a kakuja.

Relationships Edit

Tatara Edit

After his brother's death, Tatara came to bear a grudge against Houji.

Trivia Edit

  • It was heavily implied Tatara inherited his mask.
  • Yan's name translates from Chinese to mean 'flame' - likely a reference to the fact his kakuja abilities are the same as his brother's.

References Edit

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