Name Yuki
Japanese Name ユキ
Romaji Yuki
Species Ghoul
Status Alive
Gender Male
Affiliations Aogiri Tree (Formerly)
Goat (Under group's care/protection)
Relatives Unnamed Parents †
Ward 24th Ward
Manga Debut :re Chapter 120
Image Gallery

Yuki (ユキ, Yuki) is a ghoul and one of the 3 orphans from Aogiri Tree. He's currently under Goat's care.  

Appearance Edit

Yuki is young boy with light hair that is styled into bob hair cut covering left side of his face.

Personality Edit

Yuki appears to be a very sweet and friendly person.

Plot Edit

Relationships Edit

Touka Kirishima Edit

Yuki is very close to Touka and enjoys her company.

References Edit

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