Yukinori Shinohara's Daughter
Shinohara's daughter (Oneshot)
Name Yukinori Shinohara's Daughter
Species Human
Status Deceased
Gender Female
Relatives Yukinori Shinohara (Father) †
Manga Debut Oneshot
Image Gallery

Yukinori Shinohara's daughter was mentioned as the trigger for Yukinori Shinohara to become a Ghoul Investigator. She was shown in the prototype Tokyo Ghoul Oneshot.

Appearance Edit

Yukinori Shinohara's daughter was a young girl who had shoulder length dark hair. She wore a dress patterned with diamonds and wore sandals with a flower on the top of them.

Plot Edit

While Shinohara was talking to Kaneki in an unknown cafe, he pulled out a picture that showed his daughter explaining that after she was killed it gave him the reason to became a Ghoul investigator.

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