Yuuichi Asaoka
Yuuichi profile
Name Yuuichi Asaoka
Japanese Name 浅岡 優一 (あさおか ゆういち)
Romaji Asaoka Yūichi
Species Human
Status Unknown
Gender Male
Relatives Ken Kaneki's aunt (Mother)
Unnamed Father
Ken Kaneki's mother (Maternal Aunt) †
Ken Kaneki's father (Maternal Uncle) †
Ken Kaneki (Maternal Cousin)
Touka Kirishima (Cousin-in-law)
Manga Debut Chapter 62
Novel Debut Past: Chapter 2 (Mentioned)
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Yuuichi Asaoka (浅岡 優一, Asaoka Yūichi) is Ken Kaneki's cousin.

Appearance Edit

In his youth he had short hair that appeared light colored like his mother's. He wore what appeared to be a light dress shirt and dark pants.

Personality Edit

Not much is known about his personality, but he seems to neglect his studies and would rather spend his time playing video games. It is also evident that he was not close to his cousin as he did not complain when his mother ostracized and abused Kaneki.

Plot Edit

Aogiri Arc Edit

He appeared briefly while Kaneki thought back to his childhood. His mother and Kaneki noted that he did not do well in school and he was remembered playing video games and spending time with his immediate family.[1]

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