Yuujirou Utsumi
Name Yuujirou Utsumi
Japanese Name 内海 勇次郎 (うつみ ゆうじろう)
Romaji Utsumi Yūjirō
Species Human
Status Unknown, likely Deceased
Age 70s
Gender Male
Relatives Koharu Utsumi (Adoptive daughter) †
Noyama (Adoptive son) †
Ward 8th Ward
Novel Debut Void: Chapter 1
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Yuujirou Utsumi (内海 勇次郎, Utsumi Yūjirō) was a wealthy businessman and the adoptive father of Koharu Utsumi, a young ghoul. Beneath his benign exterior, he was in fact a serial killer that preyed on teenage girls and shared their flesh with the young ghouls he raised.

After his daughter was exterminated, he was hospitalized and expected to die at any time.


Yuujirou was an elderly man, in extremely poor health.


Utsumi was a corrupt individual that indulged in cannibalism on the human race. He would adopt ghouls to be his personal harvesting tools for his cannibalistic hobby; he has it planned out so that when he is accused for the missing persons, he can sell out his own adopted children to avoid paying for his crimes.


He was responsible for the death of Kiyone.

Injury Name Edit

Otokaze stabbed him on the hospital bed and attempted to commit suicide afterwards, only to be stopped. Utsumi seems to have overcome the stab wound, as he was fortunately in the hospital already.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Koharu UtsumiEdit

Little is known about their relationship, though it's clear that Koharu loved her father very much. It's known that he fully intended to pass the blame onto his adopted children, hoping to use them to escape justice should he ever be discovered.



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