For the young Goat member, see Yuki.
Name Yuuki
Japanese Name 勇気
Romaji Yūki
Species Human
Status Alive
Age 9
Gender Male
Relatives Yanagi (Father)
Unnamed mother
Ward 8th Ward
Novel Debut Days: Chapter 5
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Yuuki (勇気, Yūki) is a young human who befriends Hinami Fueguchi and develops a crush on her.

Appearance Edit

Yuuki is a young boy depicted with reddish brown hair.

Personality Edit

Yuuki is not be able to express himself clearly, shown when he first meets Hinami and says something rude accidentally. However he is still kind and can be quite timid.

Plot Edit

When Hinami was captured by teens, he immediately went to find Kaneki and Touka to tell them.[1]

Power and Abilities Edit

Relationships Edit

Hinami Fueguchi Edit

When they first meet he accidentally makes her feel bad for not being able to read at the same level as kids her age. But then he starts teaching her words instead of Kaneki or Touka.

Yanagi Edit

Yuuki knew a bit about what his father does as a ghoul investigator.

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