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Yuuri Akanuma
Yuuri akanuma
Name Yuuri Akanuma
Japanese Name 赤沼 遊理
Romaji Akanuma Yūri
Species Ghoul
Status Deceased
Gender Female
Occupation Model
Ward 11th Ward
Rc Type Rinkaku
Novel Debut Past: Chapter 2 (Mentioned)
Past: Chapter 3
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Yuuri Akanuma (赤沼 遊理, Akanuma Yūri) was a ghoul residing in the 11th ward. She was fully integrated into human society, and worked as a model.

She was killed during a dispute with Rize Kamishiro.


Yuuri was an extremely beautiful young woman, with mid-length hair just past her chin.


Yuuri presented herself as very sweet and friendly, while concealing a much crueler nature. She was popular in the 11th Ward for her seemingly-kind nature, and tried to befriend Rize through speaking up in her defense. However, she revealed herself to be quite vicious when angered and admitted to plotting to brutally kill her human friend Mari Hirano once they'd gotten close.[1]


Power and AbilitiesEdit

Ghoul Physiology: As a ghoul, Yuuri possessed heightened abilities. Presumably she had the standard abilities for ghouls who possessed rinkaku kagune. However, Rize Kamishiro seemed to consider her weak.

  • Rinkaku Kagune: Yuuri's kagune resembled thick, segmented whip-like tentacles.



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